Code Enforcement/ Housing Official: Casey Barnes 

319-524-2050 ext. 2204 – 

Housing & Nuisance Code Enforcement

The Purpose of the Housing Official is to encourage and provide a cleaner, safer environment for all those living and working in the City of Keokuk. The Housing Code (Chapter 15,16) for the City of Keokuk states very specific rules and regulations for all property owners, landlords, and tenants to abide by for the proper welfare of all involved. The Housing Official works primarily on a complaint basis, following the proper procedures listed in the adopted Housing/Building & Construction Codes established by the City of Keokuk. 

Enforcement may be in the form of: 

  • A request to abate a nuisance on said property (Chapter 5 — Health & Sanitation) 
  • A request for structural repairs (Chapter 15.16 — Buildings & Construction) 
  • Inspecting of a building after a complaint is properly filed (Chapter 15.16 Buildings & Construction) 
  • Posting a building “Unsafe to Occupy” (Chapter 15.04 — Buildings & Construction) 
  • Ordering a Building Demolished (Chapter 15.04 — Building & Construction) 

For housing information:
Keokuk City Hall
501 Main Street
Keokuk, IA 52632
Phone: 319-524-2050 ext. 2204

Legal Services Corporation of Iowa
Southeast Regional Office
106 North Market
Ottumwa, IA 52501
Phone: 515-683-3166 or 1-800-452-0007 

Iowa Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Iowa Department of Public Health
Phone: 800-972-2026 

Iowa Tenant Rights
Abuse Hot Line: 888-270-3864 


The purpose of Code Enforcement is to encourage and provide a cleaner, safer environment for all those living and working in the City of Keokuk. Code Enforcement works primarily on a complaint basis with an average of 600-700 complaints per year, responding on a daily basis. Violators are given ample time to abate all nuisances. When violators do not comply, the City then abates the nuisance billing the violator for said abatement. If the violator does not pay the charge within thirty days, the City than files the charges as a lien on the property. 

Regulations are enforced on the following: 

  • Abandoned/Unlicensed/Inoperable Vehicles (Chapter 5.26 — Health & Sanitation) 
  • Non Compliant Trash/Garbage (Chapter 5.08,5.12, 5.24, 5.26 — Heath & Sanitation) 
  • Tall Grass & Vegetation/Noxious Weeds (Chapter 5.23— Health & Sanitation) 
  • Un-kept Yards/Yard Junk (Chapter 5.08, 5.12, 5.23, 5.24, 5.26 — Health & Sanitation) 
  • Other Valid Environmental Nuisances (Chapter 5, Health & Sanitation) 

Programs for Community Involvement

  1. Citywide Cleanup Voucher Program — This program is for residential solid waste customers that are charged for garbage disposal service through the water bill.   City of Keokuk will provide vouchers to dispose of two loads free of charge to the Lee County Transfer Station.   The program is generally held biannually during a designated two-week period in the spring and fall.  When held the City of Keokuk will make every effort to announce details in advance. 

 For more information call City Hall at 319-524-2050 ext. 2204