Keokuk, Iowa is a proud city known for its warmth, heartfelt compassion, family values, scenic beauty, historical significance and industrial success. Located on the bluffs of the Mighty Mississippi, Keokuk boasts of its compassion and cultural diversity, all embodied in the smiles that welcome you. Since 1837 this southeastern Iowa town has captivated thousands who have and continue in their attempt to be “Caught Doing Good”.

From soaring eagles that grace our skies to the majestic waters of the Mississippi, Keokuk is a wonderful place to visit and reside. Named after the Sac/Fox Indian Chief Keokuk, our heritage embodies Civil War history, Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens and river boat nostalgia, industrialist and billionaire Howard Hughes heritage as well as the prestige of being the site of the first National Cemetery west of the Mississippi River.

Built in 1913, Keokuk continues to maintain the largest hydroelectric power plant on the Mississippi. Our vital and strong industrial base, highly skilled workforce as well as dedicated retailers combine to make Keokuk the hub or our Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa Tri-State Area.

Keokuk’s past and our future are being purchased with honesty, hard work, integrity, and volunteerism. As the Gateway City to Iowa, the City of Keokuk is proud of its productive relationship with the Keokuk Area Chamber of Commerce, its partnership with a highly recognized Main Street program, our Keokuk Convention and Tourism Bureau, Southeastern Iowa Port Authority as well as Keokuk Economic Development Inc.

Keokuk is proud of its Cultural and Entertainment District designation, its comprehensive Vision Master Plan, Keokuk’s Branding program, our Riverscape Master Plan and a long term infrastructure initiative. Keokuk is dedicated to progress and takes very seriously its obligation to its citizens and children. We are blessed with a wide diversity of churches and faiths and maintain an excellent hospital and educations system, including a highly successful junior college campus and a modern new middle school complex.

Keokuk’s breathtaking river beauty, our tree lined streets, our rich history, our recreational venues as well as our “can do” spirit provides a wonderful setting for family values that do make a difference.

The photograph at the top of this website of a sunset over the City of Keokuk and the Mississippi River was taken by local artist Cody Weber.